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Zach Taylor Band

Zach Taylor Band was formed in January 2010 by Zach Taylor (vocals/guitars) and Matt Gullo (drums). Based out of Clearwater, FL the band got their start as part of the worship team at Next Level Church in Tarpon Springs, FL. With the addition of Jerry Gabardi (bass guitar), they began to realize their potential for becoming a powerful ministry for the kingdom of God. The result of this alliance was a band with a wide variety of rock, pop and country influences and a unique but familiar sound capable of reaching a very wide audience.

Within their first year as a band they started to build a significant local following and shared the stage with national Christian artists such as Among The Thirsty, New World Son, White Collar Side Show, Aaron Gillespie and Phil Stacey among others. Since their inception, they have refined and focused their musical objectives to be more ministry driven and acquired the outside resources necessary to move forward with a clear objective and mission of ultimately spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through their music.

With the 2012 release of their debut CD “All For You”, Zach Taylor Band is poised to raise awareness of the band and their music ministry through an aggressive radio and internet marketing campaign starting in the spring of 2012.

Originally from Maryland, Zach Taylor began his musical pursuits at an early age. By the time he was a teenager he was playing guitar, singing, writing songs and performing in various bands. In 1997 Zach relocated to Florida and led a successful regional band for 7 years and performed over 2000 shows since that time.

These experiences allowed Zach to develop his skills as a live musician and professional performer. He has shared the stage with artists such as John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band, Fastball, Dido, Next, PM Dawn, The Indigo Girls, Vertical Horizon and many others.

After some intense life challenges and a three-year break from music, Zach re-emerged into the music world but this time he was determined to be a shining light for our creator. As his purpose became more clear to him, Zach Took on the role of Worship Leader at a local church and remained there for two years. He continues to lead worship teams with his modern and edgy – yet very effective style of worship.

It’s difficult to take Zach’s music and nonchalantly toss it into a genre of “worship” or “Christian rock”. It truly is a unique hybrid that is so accessible to both believers and those who are still searching. One who is hip to Christ can easily use Zach’s songs as vehicles to come into a place of worship with the Lord. Those who are still searching will find themselves tapping their feet, nodding their heads, and coming face to face with questions they may be avoiding. Because Zach’s songwriting is such a beautiful collision authentic lyric and sing able melody, anyone can engage regardless of where they are in their faith walk.